Consulting engineers with the cutting edge: Is Zimile as good as their tagline?

Zimile Consulting Engineers is a young, multi-disciplinary, 100% black-owned consulting engineering firm with a strong track record for delivering high quality projects. Now there’s a loaded tagline. But the difference with Zimile is that this firm actually embodies what they claim to be. 

Young and Diverse

Business Operations Manager, Abimbola Sole, believes that there is much untapped potential in South Africa’s young engineers and, as such, the firm takes every opportunity to empower new graduates and young professionals with life-changing career experience. Zimile’s ever-growing team is largely comprised of youth, with most people being 35 or younger. “By leveraging the energy and flexibility of young professionals, we have found that we can deliver faster, with greater levels of innovation and commitment,” she believes.

Further, the company’s culture is strongly underpinned by diversity with approximately 45% of its staff being female. This is exceptional, particularly in an industry that is inherently male-dominated. “We’re focused on changing the infrastructure landscape in South Africa for generations to come, and we are proud to be doing it not just as a proudly South African company, but as a black-owned, diversified and young team. Changing legacies starts from within, and we are shifting gears to mobilise the face of the consulting industry with a diversified and transformed company.”  


With fierce competition in the industry today, businesses that succeed are those that are ready to pivot into new offerings and move out of their comfort zone. This is what Zimile did, and today the firm has a diversified portfolio and wider experience, which boosts the range of projects they can undertake.

Offering technology-based professional engineering solutions for the development of infrastructure from concept development to project commissioning, Zimile Consulting Engineers has proven capabilities in water resource and infrastructure development; property development; municipal infrastructure; buildings and structures; and transportation infrastructure, as well as asset management.

Quality projects

Since their inception in 2009, Zimile has steadily built a reputation for quality. This has seen them win several public sector contracts in a variety of rural and urban areas. From building a creche in Durban, to rehabilitating roads in Johannesburg, to undertaking bulk water supply in Underberg, this firm has achieved major milestones in recent years. 

“Specifically, we have found great pleasure in working on infrastructure projects in rural communities, where our people-centric approach has ensured projects are completed with the support and involvement of growing communities,” says Sole. “Quality infrastructure has the power to change the lives of these people, and we are honoured that we get to play a part in South Africa’s rural development.”

What next?

With an energetic team and a growing base of expertise, Zimile Consulting Engineers intends to diversify into the mining sector and believes that it is equipped and skilled to deliver quality service. The company has the right expertise and broad network to help mining companies obtain the required environmental permitting and licensing – a necessity in the highly regulated mining sector. “It’s a challenging sector, to be sure. But we love a challenge. This is how we keep our cutting edge sharp,” comments Sole.

The verdict

It’s a loaded tagline, but one that has been well earned. And if you haven’t been convinced, put this team to the test on your next project. 

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