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A Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to Zimile Consulting Engineers’ Company’s website. Zimile is an exciting, fast growing engineering company with a family-friendly atmosphere, a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, and a drive to provide positive technical contributions to the nation’s most difficult technological problems. We love to work on exciting and complex programs that span the depths of the ocean to the furthest corners of South Africa. Here at Zimile our business operations and culture are anchored in our core values and characteristics. It is our firm belief that by embracing these values, we will achieve success:


Leaders set objectives and define the direction for the group. Leaders create and embrace change and set the example. Leaders are committed to professional development starting at the lowest levels of the company. Leaders demonstrate initiative, and follow through.


Those with integrity possess strong moral character, exhibit consistency between words and deeds, and do what’s right. They establish trust by demonstrating honesty, ethical behavior, and accountability.

Customer Relationship/Loyalty

Customer focus is demonstrated by responsive, dependable, empathetic advocacy of customer’s needs, goals, and objectives thereby creating positive word of mouth advertising about Zimile.


Effective communicators set clear objectives with explicit, measurable, goals and a realistic timeframe for achievement. They are available and approachable, and demand performance while providing constructive evaluation and feedback.


Having vision is possessing a keen sense of what to do to maximize the potential of the company. It’s demonstrated by proactive, forward thinking and planning that anticipates and delivers performance beyond the company’s and customer’s current needs.

Sound and Timely Decision Making

Good decision-making requires good decision analysis. It requires identification of options, clarity of judgment, completeness, thoroughness, decisiveness, and effective implementation. In short, it means getting it correct.

Continuous, Measurable, Improvement

Always look for a better way of doing things. Seek new, innovative opportunities to excel, overcome adversity, and provide alternative, constructive views. Continually improve processes and systems to improve productivity.

We hope you will consider joining us as we guide our company towards a bigger and brighter future.

Yours Sincerely,

Company Founding Statement

Zimile Consulting Engineers inspires a vision which sought to challenge the status quo on the belief facing small businesses of being mediocre on service delivery and professional conduct. Zimile Consulting Engineers brings about a different approach to this norm by applying and thinking differently using the basic engineering principles aligned to the ever changing technology demanding world.  

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The company aspires to build a legacy that will grow into generations and from that legacy help train and build very strong principled engineers and business people who will have enough skills to structure the business to a level that will create sustainability for the business and create employment for the communities it serves thus building trust amongst clients and all stakeholders benefiting directly and indirectly from the existence of the business.



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Zimile Consulting Engineers undertakes to provide its clients and recipients of its services, designing engineering solutions which delivers infrastructure that will create a better every day for communities and the clients it serve.




Zimile Consulting Engineers is committed to be the professional service provider of choice for engineering solution within South Africa and ultimately Africa through inspired engineering drawn from:

  • Innovative thinking
  • Simple Approach to problems
  • Proactive attitude and,
  • Smart application to problem solving



Zimile Consulting Engineers was established with the following prime objectives:

  • Deliver projects that are both economically feasible and technically viable.
  • Deliver projects that are recognised for their quality.
  • Employ basic and advanced design solutions in addressing client needs.
  • Be socially relevant to the community.
  • Exclusively have a reputation for providing a quality product on time and cost effectively to both our clients and recipients of our services.
  • Use labour intensive methods where possible to create work on projects we are involved in.



The company is structured to optimally operate maximising the resources available. The structure below is mainly administrative with functions generally intertwined to provide best quality services. Most of the staff members within our Company are from the Previously Disadvantaged Communities. The  objective  of  the  Company  is  to  meet  the  needs  of  the  Client  by  providing  proficient  and  specialised  consulting engineering services. Communications  is  of  the  utmost  important  to  achieve  this  and  we  therefore  appoint a  senior Member  of  the  Company  as  a  leader  for  each  project.  This  director  is not only  involved in the  client  liaison,  supervision  and management  of  the  project, but  is also an active participant of the  design  team  and  preparation  of  the  contract  documentation.  The procedures adopted are geared to provide quality final product to the Client.

Where  communities  are  affected, projects  are  structured  to  allow  community  input  and  participation  in  the  planning, design  and  implementation  stages.  This  transparent  process  of  approach  allows  the  community  to  participate  on  equal  level  with  professionals  and  transfer  of  skills  and  empowerment  of  the  community  take  place. Job  creation  and  training  form  part  of  the  overall  strategy  in  the  execution  of  the  projects  assigned  to  the  Company.




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